googlebadgeWe hope that the move to Gmail has gone well with yourself and your colleagues. Please remember that support is still ongoing to help with any issues.

 The project wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the plans for the migration of calendar content from Oracle Calendar and the launch of Google calendar from Monday 15 April.


On the evening of Thursday 11 April we will begin the final migration of Oracle Calendar content to Google calendar.  This work will be completed by the morning of Monday 15 April.



  • No new events in Oracle calendar 
    From 5pm Thursday no new events should be added to Oracle Calendar. 
    You can add new events to Google calendar from Thursday 11 April (but before 15 April please check Oracle Calendar for any potential clashes).
    Access to Google calendar
    You can access Google calendar via the login page on the Calendar support website or via the Calendar link in the top toolbar in Gmail.
    • Make sure that you are only looking at your calendar. Under ‘My calendars’ on the left, select your  calendar name and click the drop-down arrow that appears to the right and chose ‘Display only this calendar’.

    Migration of existing Oracle calendar data will not be complete until Monday 15 April

    The migration of Oracle date will not be complete till Monday 15 April so calendars will not be complete until that time.
    Please refrain from deleting or replacing duplicate or missing events until migration is complete on Monday 15 April.
    Known issues
    There are known issues with migration of data from Oracle Calendar resulting in the the creation of some duplicate events and missing events.Please wait for the completion of the data migration on Monday 15 April before checking events.
    • From 15 April please take some time to check the accuracy of your future meetings.
      • Do not delete duplicates unless you are the ‘Owner’ of the event to avoid any confusion. Visit the known issues with migration link above for advice on identifying duplicates to remove.
    • ‘Owners’ will have been informed that some meetings have not migrated and they should be responsible for recreating those meetings in Google Calendar.
    • This duplication will only affect migrated events and will not happen to events you put in Google calendar in future.
    Please note that no data will be lost. Oracle Calendar will be available to view till at least the end of August 2013.
    Advice & support

Nick Skelton

Assistant Director, IT Services