Dear All,

Migration to Google Calendar now complete

Migration of data from Oracle to Google Calendar is now complete. You can now use Google Calendar to arrange events, please use Oracle Calendar for reference only.

Access to Google calendar

You can access Google calendar via the Calendar link in the top toolbar in Gmail or via the login page on the Calendar support website.

Correcting event details

As previously mentioned there are a number of known issues where calendar data is transferred incorrectly from Oracle to Google. Please see the list of known issues and then check your calendar carefully for missing or duplicated events. 

  • Note that the owner/organiser of an event is responsible for correcting event details where necessary.
  • Owners have been emailed with a list of meetings which could not be migrated.
  • For duplicated events if in doubt as to which information is correct compare against the appointment in Oracle Calendar.

Help is available

Best wishes,

Nick Skelton,

Assistant Director, IT Services