The University plans to introduce a new email and calendar software to replace our current systems using Mulberry, Squirrelmail & Oracle Calendar. This follows feedback from both staff and students in surveys and focus groups. The top IT requests from staff are a joined-up email and calendar system with much more quota to store email.

We are currently considering two options to deliver this service, Google Apps for EducationMicrosoft Live@Edu.

Benefits include:

For everyone:

  • Much bigger email quota (7 or 10GB), about 100 times more quota for email than most staff and students have today.
  • Easy access to email & address books on popular mobile phones (iPhone, Android, etc)
  • Easier to use email software to replace Mulberry
  • Access your email easily from anywhere over the web

For students & alumni:

  • An email address for life – a single email address which you get as a student but keep after graduation. Put it on your CV and application forms when applying for jobs.

For staff:

  • Email & calendar integrated into one package
  • A modern calendar system accessible on your desktop, on the web and your mobile phone
  • Schedule appointments with people outside the university more easily
  • Microsoft Outlook to replace Mulberry as the supported desktop email software
  • Share your calendar with family members or other people outside the university

For the University:

  • Increases in email quota without associated cost for storage
  • Long term savings and improvements to the platform
  • A modern platform for communications & collaboration on which to build further services

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