Following extensive discussions with our Zonal IT colleagues and others, we  have developed a proposed timeline for the implementation of Gmail for staff across the University. We will be phasing implementation based on the IT zones  and  you can see the full timeline in the image below:





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The timeline includes rollout plans for Office 2010.  This is necessary as Outlook 2010 will be the supported client on your University desktop along with the standard Gmail web client, accessible everywhere.   We chose Outlook 2010 over other possible clients (such as Thunderbird) because of the user experience and support from Google for integration with their products.

This activity also supports the aim to standardise the version of Microsoft Office throughout the University to create efficiencies and aid collaboration.  In addition, Google Chrome will be installed alongside Internet Explorer.  This activity is part of the desktop upgrade programme in 2012-13.

What will happen in my migration period?

During each phase of the project communications will be sent to staff explaining the process.  When your zone is due for migration you will be sent a link that takes you to our migration application. When you are ready you can use that link to login to start the migration process for you.

Will I be able to use my new Google account immediately?

Yes – once you begin migration all new email will be delivered to your Gmail account.

Please note:  your existing mail won’t appear there immediately. The migration of your email will begin in the evening of the day that you select to migrate. In the majority of cases all email should be migrated overnight.  Mail is migrated starting with newest first. Until migration is complete you can still access old email through Outlook, but in a read-only mode.

What will be migrated?

We will migrate email kept on our central servers and we’ll migrate your address books (though this includes a simple one step process for this for the user too).

We’re not able to migrate your rules/filters or mail folders stored on your computer (C drive) but can provide you with help and support to set them up again in Gmail.

A list of all FAQs for the Gmail and Google Calendar project can be found on the project website.