Shared mailboxes will be migrated to Gmail at the same time as individual email accounts when  the new Google email service is rolled out to the whole University.

A survey will be sent on 15 & 16 January to shared mailbox accounts that haven’t already been surveyed as part of the pilot migrations.   The purpose of the survey is to check if:

  • they are still in use and
  • that the intended Google equivalent (a delegated account)  is suitable

If you manage a shared mailbox please make sure you complete the survey (one survey per mailbox).

As there is a financial cost associated with each Google delegated account, we are keen to avoid migrating mailboxes that are no longer in use. Therefore, any mailbox we do not receive a survey response for will be deleted.

Full instructions and login details can be found in your shared mailbox’ inbox.  The email has been sent by

More information about the new delegated accounts service can be found at:

If you have any queries about this please contact the new Email team on